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bellibox, the home delivery division of Cape Medical Company.
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    this is us!

    We help to bring protection, mobility, and support to our customers, one bellibox at a time!

    who we are

    bellibox provides personalized service and outstanding support, combined with a simple, easy to use, flexible shopping site. Our vision is to empower our customers, to improve the quality of their life and the lives of those they care for.

    our core values

    We strive to make life and caring for others simple, clean, and dignified.
    We care for our customers and deliver daily confidence.

    trust &

    We have the highest regard for the responsibilities our customers bestow upon us. We deliver upon our promises. Our customers trust us because our service and products are always reliable.

    dignity &

    We show empathy and understanding to all. We treat everyone with dignity, courtesy and respect. Our service is discreet, and is there when you need it.

    value &

    We provide valuable solutions for issues faced throughout life. We help and support, ensuring our customers can rely upon us, as a foundational assistant, through various life stages.

    simple, clean,

    We assist our customers in living an active and carefree life, free from anxiety and worry due to incontinence and leakage issues. We help you live daily - simple, clean and carefree.

    our mission

    bellibox was created to make living with incontinence or leakage, and caring for others, simple, clean, and dignified. No matter your bladder and bowel needs, bellibox is for you.

    We deliver confidence discreetly and directly to your door. We also take great pride in providing personalized service that fits your exact needs, helping to bring greater protection, mobility, and joy to your life.

    daily confidence, delivered.

    “We support individuals, caregivers, and providers with top-quality leak protection products.” - bellibox team

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