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    Prevail Premium Underpad Prevail Premium Underpad
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    Prevail Premium Underpad
    CODE: PV-410


    super absorbency


    Product Features

    • Disposable

    The all new Prevail Nexus underpads have a comfort level and softness like you've never experienced in an underpad. These are not like the traditional underpads with a plastic backing. Prevail Nexus Underpads are made with the latest technology and materials to make them SUPER Soft, SUPER Absorbent, and SUPER Strong, ALL IN ONE!

    This is a premium underpad designed to protect beds, chairs and other surface areas while eliminating the need for multiple underpads, linens or reusable underpads. You have to try them to believe the difference.

    SUPER STRENGTH: Three integrated layers make Prevail Nexus super strong, reducing the need for multiple draw sheets.

    • Strong Cushion Top Sheet - Heavy weight bonded top sheet provides exceptional strength while providing softness against the skin
    • Super Absorbent Fluff Layer - Fluffy super absorbent layer quickly pulls and locks up liquid to keep wetness away from the skin to help maintain skin wellness and reduce odors
    • Cloth Like Water Proof Layer - Soft outer fabric fully surrounds the pad and improves comfort for the user. The water-proof layer traps liquid or material so it cannot pass through the underpad, effectively protecting linens and beds

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